We have all heard before this popular quote “Life is good”. During these days, many people are struggling while staying home wondering, is it life good, for real? Let me share with you all those good news that are going on while we stay safe home.

Life is Food: Small introduction

As we already knew, for many years now, primary sector is going through a crisis where small productions are disappearing. In small territories such as the Canary Islands, small producers compete with national products, which are cheaper than ours in the markets. How’s this occurring?

Good Food, Good news.

Who would say this virus situation would help to local producers and bring primary sector up to where it deserve? Who’s risking their health to bring food to our homes? Good news such as the fact that delivery service is growing massively and consumer and switching supermarkets to small producers deliveries.

Adding help to this sector, Cabildo de Gran Canaria has rushed to open a digital platform to help our producers. The well-known Gran Canaria Me Gusta brand, had already planned this second stage for a shorter future, and due/thanks to this emergency situation, and in order to bring together producers direct to customers, they’ve just launched this digital platform.

200 producers and their local productions can be easily found and goods purchased thanks to this marvelous initiative. So life goes on in the countryside and we can help our local economy while the confinement ends. More now than ever, we have to be very conscious in what we eat to help our mind and body health.

The good vibes’ chain is growing and we are all part of it. And this is the first big step we can monetary help this situation while emergency situation last.

I am fully convinced this situation will lead to a better version of us and by already a fact, to a restore earth. Our marvelous planet is having a break and the soil we grow our food is also improving. So do not loose hope, we are existing and everything happens for a reason. And while we stay home good things are happening, for real!!

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