There’s no better way to end a day than having a wine tasting. Where there is wine, there is a lot of joy. Always!

We were a party of five at a winery at South East Gran Canaria towards the mountains, to be more precise, at a 1000m above the sea level. Our day was finishing with a wine tasting at Bodega Las Tirajanas. Having our third wine, a glass of dry rose, one of my guest pointed the sediments at the bottom of the glass. Debate on the table had been served: What are those minerals in our glass? Is this ok? Is the wine good? Some guests already knew about them and some did not.

You might probably have seen the same while drinking a wine before. Any white, red or even rose wine. We can’t forget that wine comes from grapes, and it is absolutely normal to find these solid remains at the bottom of our glass.

While making wine, winemaker transfers the wine from tank to tank in order to filter it. Some of those rests are hard to leave behind and in some cases some winemakers like to leave them there. These sediments help to keep good state of preservation. At some cases these sediments naturally develop in the bottle after certain time. They are natural solid remains from the grapes, nothing more.

Once I was back home, I looked at the picture of my glass of rose and it came to my mind the precious stone Ruby. Was it red/orange ish? I thought to myself. And I did a quick research: Mr Google! show me Ruby!. I asked my laptop as I was talking to the magic mirrow of Snow White’s step mother, the Black Witch. And there it was, and yes! it is red/orange like the sediments of my rose. And as I’m a bit curious, I couldn’t help to keep finding out a bit more about the meaning of this treasure and its colour.

Apparently orange stones that nature offers us are usually associate with happiness, energy and creativity… Stones with orange colour represents joy and sociability, gathering together its yellow colour with happiness and its red colour with passion. Wouldn’t that be another great description of “wine tasting”? On the other hand, red colour is related with passion, love, prosperity, emotions and strong feelings. Red stones are used to make your body strong and to have corauge, one of the reason they are used to get rid of insecurity and weakness. Isn’t that what winemakers do when making a better wine year after year?

Either way and after sharing my crazy thoughts with you all, I believe those sediments look pretty much as precious stones. Another reason to love wine. So if you are looking for things to do in Gran Canaria while visiting, Take the time to visit our wineries and let our winemakers and territory make you fall in love once again with your holiday’s feeling.

And remember, by visiting local productions and business, you are collaborating to diversify mass tourism located in touristic areas towards local areas and you are also helping our local economy. Among others you are being responsible with the impact of your visit. Thank you! Sustainable tourism is an option.

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