The best bottles you can easily find at your nearest supermarket when visiting Gran Canaria, described by their own producers.

Why this e-book?

  1. Canary Islands wine: Unique grapes varieties produce unique wines 
  2. Why this E-book?
  3. Wineries & their winemakers. 
  4. Our top 11
  5. Wine tips: We love sharing.

For Handmade Tours, Life is sharing. That is the main reason why you are reading this book. So we are bringing together you, our readers, and our wines, which might also lead you to visit the wineries after you fall for them (almost sure you will). The result is a chain of good deeds where we all win and we are all happy. 

We are finally promoting and bringing to you all, a deeper knowledge of our traditions and local culture, what also represents Gran Canaria. 

So I hope you enjoy your ebook as much as the wines you can easily find. Do not hesitate to write us back to review the book and help us to improve it.

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