Vineyards in Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria has a Surface of 1.560 km². Pretty small, right? It is a volcano island about 5km deep in the Atlantic Ocean to 1949m above the sea. This means if you are willing to buy a land here, you are going to buy a piece of mountain. How do you work your land to make the best of the climate and soil? How do you make a slope of mountain into a vineyard?

It is now when I confess I strong believe wine makers are crazy! With all respect and love but, do you know how much hard work is in the bottle of wine you are about to drink? I like to compare it with Christmas dinner. Mothers spend days grocery shopping, cooking, decorating, serving… And here comes the family and all gone in an hour! Well, wine making takes longer and is harder!

Video: Harvest in August

At the picture and video post you can see a vineyard located in a gorgeous valley at north west Gran Canaria. This amazing place has its own microclimate, which makes a very stressful harvest. Summer can get hotter in this valley, much hotter than only a few minutes away by the coast. For that reason they have to come up with an idea to protect the grapes from this heat. It is cooler underneath and it feels like nirvana 😉 They produce last harvest 40.000 bottles whites and reds. Pretty small, right?

More I’m learning about wine making in the Canary Island, more I understand I will probably need dozens of life of to learn it all… Do not miss the change to visit the wineries at Gran Canaria, wine tasting or walk the vineyards. It is an amazing adventure!

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