Gran Canaria
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The summit of Gran Canaria is one of a kind place. To be more specific I could tell you about its pronounced volcanic erosion, its chasms and ravines that shape the winding roads on the slopes passing through multiple small villages. In one of those villages, Fontanales, is where we find the cheese maker. The farm is hidden within the mountains in a beautiful landscape. You can meet the shepherds while hand milking the flock. More than 400 ships, one by one!! From milking, we’ll follow the milk to the farm where the rest of the family is making the cheese and all made by hand.

And from there our tour will move to Tejeda village. The visit to the municipality cannot overlook either the Parish Church of Nuestra Señora del Socorro, a temple dating from the year 1921, situated in the village or taste the typical hand-made pastry of the municipality, elaborated with almonds. As well as enjoy the magnificent views of the Roque Bentayga while having a coffee.

And not very far from Tejeda is located this particular wine cellar, surrounded by hectares of vineyards. Wines produced in high altitudes, which are the result of a rich land and a well done job. Here, and due to the altitude it is possible to distinguish both the “sea of clouds”, a mass of clouds shaped by the trade winds, and the Roque Nublo, the big monolith symbol of Gran Canaria.

The vineyards are located on the south side of the island, far away from industrial or populated centres, and up to 1,130 metres in height. Here, the seasons are well-defined with cold winters and warm summers where the contrasts of temperatures between night and day ensure a good ripening of the vine and its undoubted quality. The vine stock get an average of 11 hours of sunlight per day and if we put all these facts together, we can assure that these are the best conditions to grow vines of great quality.

En esta ruta vamos a combinar el queso y el vino para presentarles el norte y centro de la isla. La gastronomía seguirá siendo el motor conductor de esta jornada, donde además tendrá la oportunidad de encontrar una Gran Canaria inaudita por la variedad de paisaje que conlleva nuestro itinerario por la cara norte de la isla. Los productores del mejor queso de Gran Canaria en la categoría Gold medal obtenida en el Concurso oficial de Quesos de Gran Canaria serán los que les contarán de primera mano como se obtiene este premio mientras ordeñan y producen en el queso en su presencia.

Y desde la quesería hasta la bodega que se encuentra en mas altitud de nuestra isla. Especialistas en vinos de altura, con un panorama visual que nos dejará sin aliento, visitaremos su pequeña bodega cueva la cual fue cavada en la montaña especialmente porque estas cavidades construidas en la montaña guardan la temperatura perfecta de 18º durante todo el año independientemente del frío invierno en el municipio de Tejeda y las altas temperaturas del verano. Y para concluir nuestra jornada degustaremos sus vinos con unas vistas impresionantes de la caldera de Tejeda.



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