A long, long time ago, hundreds of seeds and plant slips traveled from all over the world to reach Agaete, in the north of Gran Canaria. Here they found a place of exuberance and peace, a new land to embrace, the Huerto de las Flores, a botanical garden created by the De Armas family, and one of the most beautiful gardens in the Canary Islands.


The Huerto de las Flores is located in the Valle de Agaete and it is one of my favorite places. The exuberance of its trees and flowers calls us to a realm of peace and stillness. Certainly, this is a magical location inviting us to sit and meditate peacefully, to inhabit time without haste.

In the last century, Francisco de Armas, the owner of the garden, used to organize literary happenings in this garden where the poets Tomás Morales, Domingo Rivero, and Alonso Quesada encouraged the gathering and the exchange of ideas.

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Tertulia en el Huerto de las Flores

Whenever I come here I have the feeling that the whole world stops in the Huerto de las Flores. Then I can hear nature’s delicate music emanating from the roots of the trees, this invitation of nature to close my eyes and look from that inner dimension. It is easy to stay here, walking, discovering all the plants in here or just to sit down while the silence that visits and embraces us.  Alone, or in the company of our beloved ones, this is garden will touch us, and the children, without a doubt, will take away an indelible memory. The Huerto de las Flores can be visited all year long but I recommend being attentive to the flowering months to enjoy a really moving spectacle.


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