It’s been now four years since Handmade Tours took off. Since then, I have learned a lot, improved many things and grown as a person. Back in those years, I didn’t know how to run a business, and the idea of these tours you can now enjoy was just a baby. It changed a few times since then but I finally met the soul of Handmade Tours: support local business, offer a real experience to my guests.

Handmade Tours embraces the idea of sustainable and responsible tourism. This point of view is continuously pushing forward my project. Caring about my producers helps me to keep a good relationship with them, and share this motto: take small steps to make bigger changes.


I only work 100% Gran Canaria local producers and offer 100% Gran Canaria local products. Because of that, I feel now so lucky after all these wonderful years. I really feel so fortunate because local producers share with me their satisfaction with my guests, travelers that show real interest in their local reality and products. This is a mutual trust relationship arising from one single fact: local producers set the tour price themselves.

Sometimes the producers and I have to agree on a middle term, and we do it so that we can both gain equallyThe payment is made on the same day of the tour and, in many cases, I pay in advanced an amount previously agreed. This is a significant change if compared with the old system where they only got paid according to commissions. Now, they call me. We talk about those new companies, companies interested in settling visits with them, but trying to set a price unilaterally.


Above all, I value the kindness they share with my guests and me, their precious time. In every tour, they show the processes and explain the needs of their products’ harvesting. It makes my guests really happy, and I am also proud because I know I’m collaborating with them to create a new source of income, a brand new understanding of their traditional work, a value that my discerning guests do appreciate.

Sustainable tourism is happening, and it is great! Meet now our local producers and people, feel the love they feel for their jobs and their island, let them warmly welcome you, as we do to friends; experience our traditions, our local products, our favorite places within the small and beautiful extension of Gran Canaria, dressed with surprising microclimates.

Handmade Tours, the unexpected experience of Gran Canaria. Come with me!



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