At small business you have giants probabilities to meet the maker. For me meeting the producers is always the best experience of food traveling.

Swedish couple at Marcelo’s amazing winery

Canary Islands people are well known for their charisma and welcoming manners. That is believe to have the origin of hundreds years of isolation from mainland Spain. People were expecting anyone to come to the islands to bring any news. That is probably why we are so curious and easy with foreigners too. Also our amazing weather is also believe to be another big reason of our open personality.

Farmer in Tenerife island

So now transfer all that information to our local businesses. People who truly love our traditions and are more than happy to make your day the best of you holidays. So you won’t only meet the producer, you will have many possibilities to bottle or cork your wine too.

Red wine bottling

Take a walk out of your hotel or apartment and find out about an island full of flavours and amazing landscapes, all paired with our amazing gastronomy and artisans productions. I promise you won’t forget it.

Corking tool from the 70’s

And remember, by visiting local productions and business, you are collaborating to diversify mass tourism located in touristic areas towards local areas and you are also helping our local economy. Among others you are being responsible with the impact of your visit. Thank you! Sustainable tourism is an option.

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