I was 23 when I left Gran Canaria. I wanted to learn English so I moved to London. A one-way ticket and my luggage became an experience of five years plenty of memories and anecdotes.

I studied an HND in Marketing and Advertising at the London School of Communication and there I had the chance to meet some wonderful people from all over the world. The City was surprisingly rich in world cuisine restaurants and it taught me how to be a good traveler. I learnt to save money while jumping from one place to another. Now, I can’t live without traveling. I love it so much that every time I have the chance to travel, I do it. There are a lot of perfect destinations, for example the Canary Islands, Spain, but any European country or even a different continent is a good place too. Traveling and food is just a perfect combination, don’t you think?

You can find very different stamps in my passport, stamps from Colombia, Peru, Morocco, Malaysia, Singapore, USA, China and India. I have also visited many cities and towns in Spain… Spain, what a great country to discover! What a great country to taste!

All the different cuisines I tasted made me think in a different way of enjoying my homeland, Gran Canaria. Discovering Gran Canaria could be a journey through taste, through our culture and the family traditions of our gourmet products. It could also be a chance to meet local artisans and makers within astonishing landscapes that would perfectly marry the chosen local products: P.D.O wines, artisanal cheese and coffee and extra virgin olive oil.

I’ve discovered a unique Gran Canaria within this combination of landscapes and gastronomy. And It surprises me again and again. I would never have imagined that my small island could hide so many treasures.

Travel with me and I will show you Gran Canaria from its gastronomy and landscapes. Our lively and curious guests are welcomed to make suggestions because that what is Handmade Tours: flexible, spontaneous and highly lovable handmade tours.

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